What has MIC done for Cameron Highlands, MyPPP asks

MyPPP party president Tan Sri Dr M Kayveas.

KUALA LUMPUR: The tussle over the Cameron Highlands seat has entered new heights, with MyPPP reprimanding MIC for trying to contest in the constituency despite not doing any work there.

In a friendly-fire against MIC, MyPPP youth chief S. Sathiah asked MIC about the party’s contributions in the constituency throughout the year.

Sathiah said MyPPP president Tan Sri M. Kayveas had started his work to win the seat since 2015, way earlier than MIC.

“The whole country knows that MIC has not been doing its job there. Why do they insist of contesting there? Does being a traditional seat enough reason?”

“Kayveas is a local of Cameron Highlands. Therefore, it is reasonable for him wanting to contest there,” he told a press conference at MyPPP headquarters here.

Cameron Highlands, a traditionally MIC seat, became a centre of debate between Barisan Nasional component, MIC and MyPPP when Kayveas expressed his intention to contest there.

The parliamentary seat was rendered independent after its incumbent, former MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, was kicked out from the party.

It is believed that MIC would field its youth leader Datuk C. Sivarraajh in Cameron Highlands.

Sathiah said the fact that Sivarraajh thanked Kayveas for the latter’s contribution in Cameron Highlands was proof that MIC had not done its work there.

“Such a remark showed that Kayveas had clearly done his work and gone to the ground.

“The statement by Sivarraajh was an acknowledgement of MIC’s weaknesses (in defending the seat),” he said.

Sathiah also reprimanded MIC’s Datuk M. Saravanan for questioning the contribution of Kayveas in the Taiping constituency, a seat formerly held by the latter.

“My question to him (Saravanan) is what was the contribution from MIC to the Indian people over the past 60 years?” he asked.

Asked what would MyPPP do if BN endorses MIC to contest in Cameron Highlands, Sathiah said he would leave it to Kayveas to decide.

Source: The Sun Daily (6th March 2018)

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