10 Restaurants & Cafes to Visit on Bangsar’s Bangkung Road

Jalan Bangkung in Bangsar has been the neighbourhood’s best street for restaurant enthusiasts for many years, serving as a calm refuge from the crowded lanes of Telawi. In the past year, Bangkung’s allure has shone brighter than ever, with the birth of eclectic new eateries to accompany the street’s veteran outlets. Here’s the comprehensive list of what’s now cooking at Bangkung.




Bobo, which opened this month, comprises an elegant restaurant that offers mainly modern European fare & an intimate piano lounge where local performers will soon seize the stage six nights a week (the lounge officially launches on Dec. 11). Highlight include a ‘Caesar Salad’ inspired by Thomas Keller’s version from The French Laundry Cookbook, Wagyu beef satay, & bruschetta layered with Campari-poached strawberries, balsamic vinegar pearls, pine nuts, rocket leaves & gorgonzola.

Address: 65-1, Jalan Bangkung

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2. Pinch Bistro



A pinch of Paris, a dash of suburban sophistication: This new European-inspired bistro stamps its mark on Bangkung with a broad repertoire that bounds from steak tartare to beef bourguignon. Founded by chef David & his compatriots Chye & Matthieu, this is a hangout with a smooth, easy-going charm & soothing, chilled-out vibe.

Address: 57 Jalan Bangkung

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3. Lucky Bo



Lucky Bo takes familiar favourites & puts its personal spin on them; expect both Western & Asian offerings, with ‘The Boger’ –(it’s ‘a booger in your nose & a Boger in your mouth’) featured prominently on the menu – a serving of two sliders, stuffed with tender & flavoursome seared sirloin beef (a nice change from processed patties), tomatoes & lettuce. This is also a ‘community cafe’ – patrons can purchase wide-ranging independently made products here, from royal jelly honey & peanut butter for pets to CDs & children’s books.

Address: 65 Jalan Bangkung

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4. Lorem Ipsum



Bangkung’s hidden café is helmed by Lynette, Christopher & a band of their fellow advertising executives – it’s a ‘brewing-&-jamming’ concept space where coffee & snacks complement Art Jamming activities; Lorem Ipsum supplies easels & canvasses for visitors to express themselves through acrylic paint & brushes.

Address: 59-1, Jalan Bangkung

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5. Leonardo’s



Over the years, we’ve savoured many memorable, mostly meaty dishes at Leonardo’s – from Kentucky Fried Frog to roasted lamb leg, German-inflected braised pickled pork knuckles to Chinese-inspired pork trotter porridges.

Address: 61-1 & 61-2, Jalan Bangkung

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6. U Restaurant



This beautifully furnished outlet has cemented a reputation for satisfactory Japanese fare & stellar service. If it’s still on the menu, try the deep-fried sea bass with ponzu sauce or cod fish porridge.

Address: 69 Jalan Bangkung

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7. Opus Bistro



Its reputation as one of Jalan Bangkung’s sturdiest survivors is a testament to Opus’ reliability, with long-time favourites on the menu such as Spaghetti alla Opus with seafood in fresh tomato sauce; it’s described as the dish that made Opus famous.

Address: 67, Jalan Bangkung

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8. Jarrod & Rawlins



Jarrod & Rawlins makes a prudent play for this neighbourhood’s meat-hungry clientele. After all these, these guys know what they’re doing, so sit back & dig into, say, streaky bacon with scallops & pumpkin seeds, or lamb-&-cranberry sausages with red wine gravy.

Address: 63 Jalan Bangkung

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9. Cava



Cava has been whipping up Spanish cuisine since 2006; its longevity is etched on its nostalgia-tinged walls, which showcase black-and-white framed photographs of Cava’s staff and customers over the years. The restaurant’s paprika-dusted octopus on potatoes and saffron-scented paella with prawns, mussels, calamari and clams convincingly convey a taste of the Mediterranean, partnering with eight varieties of refreshingly icy sangria, imaginatively invigorated with diverse fruit juices to counter KL’s heat and humidity.

Address: 71 Jalan Bangkung

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10. Suanson Specialty Cakes



Seeking sweets? Suanson should satisfy, with voluptuously creamy cupcakes, pineapple tarts, madeleines, muffins, eclairs & cream puffs.

Source: The Malay Mail

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