Malaysian Football Team Participated in Neymar JR’s 5 at Brazil

Few months back, our homegrown football team “Hyper Rich” won the Neymar Jr5 Malaysia grand finals and represented Malaysia at Brazil Neymar Jr Instiuto for the World Finals on 18th to 22ndJuly. They competed with 63 other countries with the presence of Neymar Jr. himself.

Unfortunately, during the game in Brazil Hyper Rich only managed to qualify for the knock out stage among last 32 teams after completing all the group level games. During group level Hyper Rich has been drawn together with USA, Georgia and Pakistan.  In the knock-out-stage they managed to beat Ukraine and qualified for the next round before losing to UAE on the sudden death round. UAE was one of the semifinalists in the tournament.

Hyper Rich did a great justice to the match as they managed to put Malaysia in FIFA world rankings (171).  Not only that, the team has given the best result compared to the 2 Malaysian teams that was sent in the previous years (which consisted of national players, by the way!).

malaysian football team participated in neymar jr’s 5 at brazil

Here are the names of the great people that make up team Hyper Rich:

#1 Naavin Krishnan

#2 Kisshaen Ananthan

#3 Devan Siwasody

#4 Kelvin Raj Anandhan

#5 Vigneshwaran M Sundran

#6 Hakim Rahman

#7 Ahmad Marzuqi

#8 Perabagaran raju (Manager)

#9 Jai Ganesh Pachiappan (Assistant Manager)

Kudos, team! You make us really proud!

Source: Raaga

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