10 Malaysian Indian Stereotypes That Needs To STOP

Being the third largest demographic in Malaysia, Indians are used to being stereotyped, even Indians stereotype other Indians(Holier than thou mentality). Frankly, this sh*t needs to stop.

Things such as:-

1. “All Indians understand Tamil”- No. Hell, no!

Indians in Malaysia are a diverse group of people such as Punjabi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and many more. Each have their own language and not know a word of Tamil. Maybe “poda”, everyone knows “poda”.

2. “Indian guys are all robbers and thieves”

We see you clutching your purse and locking your car doors at the sight of an Indian guy. Making us think you have something valuable in your possession, which might make you a target. Just sayin’.

3. “Indians only drink cheap liquor”

False. We also enjoy a nice glass of overpriced bullshit as well. The end goal is to get drunk anyways. The journey might be different, but the destination same la, man.

4. “Indians are heavy drinkers”

Lol, no. Do not believe the hype. There’s no scientific evidence that proves this theory.

5. “Are you related to Samy Vellu?”

Not everyone in Sungai Siput is related to Samy Vellu. Stop that shit.

6. Dark Skin Jokes

Frankly, it’s getting old. Please come up with some new materials or just STFU.

7. “What curry your mom cooked today?” (Indian aunties favorite question)

We don’t eat curry everyday, you know. Most of the times, yes. NOT all the time.

8. “Are you Indian or Christian?”

Indian=Race. Christianity=Religion.

Most of us can speak good English but that doesn’t mean we are Christians. Why do you associate English language with Christians anyways.

You wouldn’t ask a Chinese person, “Are you Chinese or Buddhist?” Sounds stupid doesn’t it?

9. “You speak English very well, you from Singapore?”

You speak like bodoh, you from which school?

10. “All Indian guys are gangsters”

No, go and get to know some Indians if you ever have this thought.

DISCLAIMER: This piece is meant to entertain our audience but we’re also hoping to create a dialogue among Malaysians. Don’t be so quick to judge anyone. We Malaysians are all fighting the same battle, just different monsters.

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