No more ‘nambikai,’ but Najib still taking Indians for fools

YOURSAY | ‘If he was more than ‘a bit sad’, he could’ve solved the community’s problems.’

Najib ‘sad’ that his action plan for Indians now in limbo

Enlighten: So former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is “a bit sad” that the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB) cannot be carried out?

If he really wanted to make Indian Malaysians happy, he could give them a share of his spoils.

Ridiculous: Look at this man, for all his supposed love for the Indian community, asking them to put their trust in him, he cannot even just wish them a Happy Deepavali without defending his record. Talk about being self-obsessed.

You can’t do it anymore, Najib. Indians are no longer going to be helpless pawns propping up your kleptocratic regime.

Yes, it is true that the systemic neglect of the Indian community – with a disproportionate number of its members in gangs or jails – began before your time. And yes, it is true that the rot just kept getting worse under Dr Mahathir Mohamad during his first tenure as prime minister.

And I would not be the least bit surprised if Pakatan Harapan reneges on all their promises and the Indian community ends up in exactly the same situation they were in before.

But there is at least the chance of change. It is still unknown. Under BN, it was a foregone conclusion that some allocations would be announced and channelled to those in MIC, while young Indians continue to rot in prisons, if they are lucky enough not to get killed in custody.

A fighting chance, however slim, is better than none.

source: Malaysia Kini

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