Dog lover fends for himself and his strays

IN need of money to feed his beloved dogs, 61-year-old James who lives in a shabby shack with 35 strays is now turning to making handicraft.

He said he has been making handicraft items for about a year now, but business has been slow.

“I have tried selling the items at weekly night markets but people take one look at my products and call them junk.

“They don’t understand that it takes a lot of time to make handicraft and they have a lot of value,” he said at his shack in Relau, Penang.

James explained that a handmade item such as his recently completed product called “Blooming Lotus in a Garden” took several weeks to finish.

“This product is made of tin cans I bought from locals who collect recyclables, and I made each flower by hand.

“The work was quite hard for me since I am visually impaired, but I need to feed my dogs and myself,” he said.

He revealed it was hard for him to get any job due to his physical condition.

“This is because I walk very slowly and with a limp due to an infection in my right foot.

“All I hope for is a way for me to sustain my livelihood, but no one seems to like handicraft nowadays,” he added.

James appealed to the public for donations or to volunteer to help him care for his dogs.

“Any sort of dog food will suffice. My dogs have not eaten for a week now and I have been starving for three days,” he said.

“Those who wish to help are most welcome as well, especially in bathing or grooming the dogs as it is difficult for me to move about.”

James occupies a small shack behind a temple in Taman Alor Vista in Relau, Bayan Lepas, and he can be reached at 016-479 7960.

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