BN bullied MyPPP, used it, says Kayveas

CAMERON HIGHLANDS: M Kayveas, who was MyPPP president before it was de-registered recently, said today the party was a mere puppet which was bullied by the Barisan Nasional prior to the May 9 polls.

Speaking to FMT, the former deputy minister said that the party was exploited by the BN, the coalition which it was once part of.

The coalition, Kayveas claimed, had never bothered to discuss seat allocations with the party.

“We were supposed to get five seats: one parliamentary seat (Cameron Highlands) and four state seats.

“You can ask Najib Razak, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor if they ever called us in for a meeting,” he said, referring to the former BN chairman, former BN deputy chairman and former BN secretary-general respectively.

Kayveas said it was the first time BN had broken tradition, pointing out that Najib ’s predecessors, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had always called MyPPP to discuss seat allocations.

But in 2018, the former Taiping MP alleged, there was no meeting and nobody knew how the seats were distributed and MyPPP was “totally left out”.

“And our members were all blur. All the seats were, however, quietly given away. When the Cameron Highlands’ seat fell vacant, I had already hinted to Najib, because I had been working on the ground since 1999.

“Instead they gave the seat to C Sivarraajh, who had lost even in his own hometown in Buntong, Perak. What is wrong with BN?”

‘We were used’

Kayveas, who is a former special adviser to former Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai, claimed he was nothing but loyal to the BN.

“I remember before the GE14, Liow called me to ask if MyPPP could ‘let them have a seat’ (Pasir Bedamar). I said okay, and I asked for a seat in return. After that, I called him, he never picked up my calls,” he said.

In the end, he lamented, the coalition turned its back on the party and Kayveas felt he was nothing more than an ornament who would be invited to share a stage with other BN leaders at a function.

“I was there just to make BN look good.

“It was only then we realised we were used by the three big components in the BN,” he said, adding he felt relief when he left the coalition.

Kayveas went on to accuse BN of being racist and stuck in its old ways.

“For all the talk about representing all races, they are in essence a racist coalition, dominated by a single race.”

He also said the coalition’s arrogance had led to its downfall after 61 years in power.

FMT carried a report yesterday that the Registrar of Societies had de-registered MyPPP, following a split with two rival leaders since last year.

The letter from the RoS on the decision was sent to Kayveas and Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, who were both claiming the party presidency.

D’Cruz was behind the move to expel Kayveas as president last year, a decision confirmed unanimously at the 64th MyPPP annual meeting in May just days after the general election.

Kayveas, meanwhile insisted that he was the rightful president.

He has thrown his support behind Pakatan Harapan in the Cameron Highlands by-election.

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