After schoolbags, brand Shaid Rosli now on 10,000 uniforms

PETALING JAYA: Jeram assemblyman Shaid Rosli is at it again: despite the controversy created by his picture being printed on backpacks distributed to schools in his constituency, he is now distributing school uniforms with his own brand name.

Shaid said a total of 10,000 school uniforms were being distributed to schools within his constituency.

“It is a sincere contribution to help students who are less fortunate. The uniform bears my brand name ‘YB Shaid Rosli’. It can be seen on the collar,” he said in a statement.

Earlier this morning, he gave out 1,600 uniforms at SK Puncak Alam 3, Selangor.

A total of 10 primary schools are expected to benefit from his largesse.

Shaid said the school uniforms were meant to be given out before the new school term, but this was delayed due to problems with the distributer.

He also hit out at those who had criticised his earlier distribution of bags with his face on them, pictures of which went viral on social media.

“The school bags were given to Tamil and Chinese vernacular schools in the constituency with the aim of helping parents reduce their burden.

“I realise that the people in this constituency are not all well off and do not have sufficient income. Hence, I hope the aid we are rendering can in some way help reduce their burden, especially those who are underprivileged,” he said.

Shaid added that he would meet with education ministry officers next week to convey the problems faced by those in education, especially the lack of tables and chairs.

“I will have a meeting with all principals, headmasters, parent-teacher associations as well as the district education officer. As their representative, I am responsible for ensuring that their school needs are met,” he said.

Shaid added that state assemblymen did not have specific allocations for schools, and whatever allocations they got was divided for use in development and other programmes.

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